Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is selected by the chapter at least 60 days prior to the March meeting and consists of a minimum of five members.


The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Selecting candidates for officers and the BOG and, if the bylaws provide, for a Delegate and Alternate to the Chapters Regional Conference
  • Obtaining the written consent of each member nominated.

Appendix 2I outlines typical Nominating Committee procedures and Appendix 2J provides a sample CRC nominations worksheet.

  • Guidelines for the selection of Nominating Committee members:

The nomination committee is responsible to build the chapter leadership of tomorrow. The chapter leaders that the committee will have to select shall be members that represent well the unique local chapter marketplace and diversity

The nomination committee should be formed of at least 5 chapter members in good standing.

While forming the committee, the committee chair should present a slate of nominees to the chapter based upon the following credentials (refer to chapter bylaws):

  • Past chapter presidents
  • Members with past service to ASHRAE with good knowledge of the marketplace and ASHRAE operations
  • Chapter BOG members
  • Key chapter committee members
  • Chapter executive members
  • Members with regional experience