Sri Lankan Chapter Time Line

Special Events

2002 February 05 – Foundation of Sri Lankan Chapter (ASHRAE Chapter 171)
By the President of ASHRAE Mr. William J. Coad and Mr. Samir Traboulsi as the guest of honour who was instrumental in forming the local Chapter.

2011 February 27 – Foundation of Moratuwa University Student Branch, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
2011 February 27 – Foundation of HNDE Student Branch, Sri Lanka.
1. Moratuwa University (Engineering University)
2. HNDE Students
(Technical Institute for Higher National Diploma in Engineering)
Both the above chapters were Ceremonially chartered by late ASHRAE President Mrs.Lynn.G.Bellenger & Director Regional
Chair Prof.Walid Chakrunon on February 27,2011.

2012 September 29-30 – RAL CRC, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Year On Year Progress since 2010

Year 2010

Room Air Distribution: Stratified Air Distribution Systems And Reduced Cooling Load Calculation Methods – Professor Jianlei Niu (March 26, 2010)



AIR CONDITIONING by Prof R. Atthalage (November 26, 2010)

Year 2011

Refrigerants and their applications, issues and implications – Prof LR (Jan 28, 2011)

WELCOME CEREMONY to ASHRAE President Ms. Lynn G. Bellenger, & ASHRAE Regional Director Professor Walid Chakroun (Feb 27, 2011)

ASHRAE’s Initiatives for Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings – Ms. Lynn G. Bellenger (Feb 27, 2011)


Bellenger (Feb 27, 2011)

Introduction to Precision AC System – PA (April 26, 2011) AGM (June 04, 2011)

Advantages of Modelling for Air Conditioning Engineer by Prof RA – (July 29, 2011)

Facilities Management & Maintenance Techniques of Modern Buildings by Eng. Indradeva Mendis (Sep. 2, 2011)

CRC (Sept 2011)

Application of Frictionless Magnetic Chiller For Energy Efficient Buildings by Eng. CD (Oct 14 2011)

Zoetrope Refrigerants and The Future of Air Conditioning Industry by Prof. LR (Nov 11, 2011) Members Annual Get Together (December 23, 2011)

Year 2012

Application of Building Management Systems in Green Buildings by Eng. Sanjaya Ramanayake (Jan 13, 2012)

The Effective Way of Preventing Condensation & Saving Energy in HVACR Systems by Mr. Chumnan Vitoorapakorn, Thailand (Feb 10, 2012)

HVAC Applications in Buildings by WJ (Feb 29, 2012)

Mechanical Ventilation Systems by Air Flow Solutions (March 09, 2012)

Clean Room and HVAC System Design Fundamentals by WEI SUN (March 30, 2012)

Automatic balancing of variable volume CHW circuits by Trevor Sculthrope Pike, (April 06, 2012)

Designing of Efficient and Safe Ammonia Refrigeration Plants by Sanjay Phadke (June 09, 2012) AGM (June 30, 2012)

Government Duties and Levies Applicable for Refrigeration Community by RPDT Seneviratne (Sep 14, 2012)

Future Challenges & Opportunities for the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry related to Environment & Energy Efficiency By By J H C De Saram (Nov 14, 2012)

Members Annual Get Together Dec 20, 2012

Year 2013

Jan 18, 2013 Industrial Safety and Health by Dammika Welhenge

Turbocor Compressors and Magnetic Bearing Chillers by Sam Ringwaldt / Avi Gadre (Feb 07, 2013)

Oversized air-conditioning systems and overcooled buildings in hot and humid climates By Professor CHANDRA SEKHAR (March 01, 2013)

Green Buildings and LEED Rating System by Mohamad Tassi (May 02, 2013) AGM (June 30, 2013)

Technical Session on Selection of Valves for Central Air Conditioning Applications by Priyank Shankar

Garg (Sep 17, 2013) CRC 2013 – DOHA

Dec 07, 2013 – Members Annual Get Together

Year 2014

Technical Session on OVERVIEW OF HVAC PRODUCTS (DDC Controls) by KRISHNA HH (Feb 07, 2014)


Pre Insulated Ducting by Boston Inverter compressors – Abans

Technical Session on Fresh Air Systems for Operating Theatres By PK (April 07, 2014) Galle Habour Technical Tour

World Trade Centre technical tour for Students

Student awareness session at Mattakkulliya Technical College

Close Control Air conditioning – Why By Raghuveer Singh / Sandro Gatto (May 21, 2014) HVAC thermal insulation Workshop – Dr Laurentiu Pestritu (May 29, 2014)

HVAC thermal insulation Seminar – Dr Laurentiu Pestritu (May 30, 2014)

Dr Laurentiu Pestritu

AGM (May 31, 2014)

Sept 16, 2014 – National Ozone day

AshraeTimeLine2014National Ozone day

CRC 2014 (Sept 19, 2014) – in Spain

CSR 25-06-2014 Ethiliyawewa School – Monaragala

AshraeTimeLine2014Ethiliyawewa School–Monaragala2


(December 12, 2014) Sub Regional Chair Mr. Abbas Visit Dec 12, 2014 Members Annual Get Together

Year 2015

14-Jan-2015 – Energy Efficient Windows and Fenestration Technologies Mr. R Christopher Mathis

  • Feb-2015 – Recent Improvements in HVAC towards more Energy Efficient Equipment by Won Moon Fui
  • March, 2015 – Membership night

June 2015 – CSR – Nelumpathwewa School

CRC Istanbul – October 02, 2015 (Gold ribbon award)


December 2015 – Members Annual Get Together

Year 2016

January 2016 – Membership Promotion Night

March 2016 – Technical Tour and Day outing by Refrigeration Committee

30-June-2016 – Technical session on “Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment” on the

29-July-2016 – “Challenges for young Engineer in HVAC industry” and “Leadership” on at SLFI. Lecturer Wimal Jayakody PE

August-2016 – “High Rise Building Services Design” Seminar by Eng. Wimal Jayakody

September-2016 – Bangkok CRC, Gold Ribbon award for Historian and Community Sustainability Project award

24-November-2016 – Joint technical session with ASHRAE and ISHRAE Bangalore chapter

24-Nov-2016 – Topics covered by Mr. Gautham Baliga in “Introduction to Clean Rooms, Airlock Pressurization “Filtration & Controlling Micro Contaminants” and Reducing Carbon Foot print in developing economies” by Chandana Dalugoda.

December 2016 – Revival session for Student Branch at University of Moratuwa December 2016 – Members Annual Get Together

Year 2017

6-January 2017 – BUILDING SPECIFIERS CONFERENCE 2017, Eng. Wimal Jayakody

represented ASHRAE

Technical session on “Eco friendly refrigerants and Sri Lanka’s perspectives” at Sausiripaya by Eng. Mahendra Seneviratne

17-FEB-17 15th anniversary of chartering the chapter with the participation of Dr. Sameer Traboulsi and Mr. Mohamed Sajid Abbas.

17-FEB-2017 – Chapter Social Responsibility project at Child Guidance Centre for disabled children (morning)

17-Feb-2017 – 15th Anniversary Fellowship (evening)

17-Mar-2017 – Technical presentation with Mr. Hiroyuki Egashira of MYCOM Japan

2-March-2017 – Joint Seminar with CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority), for the benefit of those in the construction industry on the theme of “How to Implement Energy Standards to Achieve Sustainability in Buildings Utilizing ASHRAE Standards”

22-March-2017 – A session to prepare for a Student Branch at University of Ruhuna with two presentations by me and Eng. Wimal Jayakody, with participation of 200 students.

  • April 2017 –Seminar at the University of Moratuwa for reviving the student
  • April 2017 – Two technical sessions at Kandy Technical College with topics from Eng. Mahendra Seneviratne on “Refrigeration Technologies with Natural Refrigerants” and Mr. C. V. Ratnayake on “Lubricants in Refrigeration”

4-May 2017 – Organized two DL program exclusively for undergraduates at University of Moratuwa. with Emeritus Professor Victor Goldschmidt

4-May-2017 – DL Lecture for ASHRAE members and others in the industry by the Emeritus Professor Victor Goldschmidt – problem solving and creativity / Thinking like an engineer and social challenges

06-May-2017 – Chapter Annual General Meeting

12-September-2017 – Lecture by Mr. Sunil Amarasinghe from CGTTI Topic – Recognition and use of Environment Friendly Technology and Equipment

  • September-2017 – RAL- CRC, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

04-DEC-2017 – DL Lecture – Dr. Peter Simmonds

Topic – New ASHRAE Designing Guide for Tall, Mega Tall and Super Tall Buildings. 16-December-2017 – Members Annual Get Together 2017

Year 2018

  • February-2018 DL Visit – Dr. APICHIT LUMLERTPONGPANA of

Thailand – Topic – How to Design Ammonia System Safe and Save energy 22-Feb-2018 – DL Visit to Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

10-March-2018 – Factory visit to MILCO (Technical Tour and Technical Session by Chapter Refrigeration Committee

29-March-2018 – YEA and MP Night

19-April-2018 – Members Participation at an ASHRAE Webcast 18-May-18 – Chapter Annual General Meeting

23-JUL-18 – ASHRAE Student Branch formation Meeting at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

  • AUG-2018 – RAL – Sub Region 2 Coordination Meeting, Bangalore and training workshops

28-AUG-2018 – GAC Activity ASHRAE Officers meeting with UNDP Consultant Mr. Anshu Kumar regarding Non-ODS consumption and HPMP survey

  • October-2018 – RAL- CRC, Antalya, Turkey

18-Oct-2018 – Urjavaran, a joint event, Seminar organized by ISHRAE and ASHRAE SL Chapter.

10-Nov-2018 – GAC Event – NAITA workshop to update all Lesson Modules, Name & Numbers according to the curriculum

04-DEC-2018 Joint event with IESL – Lecture by Eng. Wijitha Perera Topic – Myths about Energy Efficiency when it comes to HVAC

09-DEC-2018 – Members Annual Get Together 2018


Year 2019

10th -16th JAN – 2019 – Winter Conference 2019- LeadershipU Atlanta, USA – CTTC  Chair, ASHRAE SL participated

29th Jan 2019 – Distinguished Lecture –Reducing Carbon footprints in buildings in developing Economies– by Eng. Chandana Dalugoda,

09- FEB-2019 – Technical brief & Factory Visit – Fonterra Sri Lanka, Biyagma

01st March 2019 – Distinguished Lecture – Ventilation, IAQ and Energy Issues in hot humid climates – past, present and future– by Prof. Chandra Sekhar

01st -2nd MAR 2019  Leadership Academy – MP Chair, ASHRAE SL Participated at Atlanta, USA

21-MAY-2019 –  Chapter AGM for installation of new BOG and CC at  Regent Country Club, Malabe 

06-AUG-2019 –   RAL Student Competition CRC- Selection interviews at Venue:  MCA, Colombo 07     

  07th August 2019 -Myths about energy efficiency when it comes to HVAC tech talk by Wijitha Perera   at CIDA 

03-SEP-2019 –  K12 Activity at Gothami Balika College

19-SEP-2019 –  Chapter Social Responsibility Project  – Donation of a Multipara Patient Monitor and theatre equipment  to a rural hospital at Polpithigama

  • September 2019 – RAL- CRC, Jordan

 11-OCT-2019 – Urjavaran, joint event, Seminar organized by ISHRAE and ASHRAE SL Chapter at  Taj Samudra, Colombo

01st November 2019 – Importance of CTI certification for cooling towers and keeping cooling water  tower healthy by Chin Jun Hao and Prabodha Palugaswewa sponsored by Truwater Snd. Bhd. at Light house auditorium and lawns

29th November 2019 – Net Zero Buildings in 2050 – way to go DL lecture by Dr. Samir Traboulsi at  CIDA


28-DEC-2018 – Members Annual Get Together 2018 at Grand Monarch Thalawathugoda


Year 2020

11th March 2020- HVAC air system designs – DL lecture by Chandana Dalugoda on 11th March 2020   at CIDA 

27th March 2020 – Path to successful bidding – work shop by Jayanath Karunaratne at Marino beach