Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

The Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) is appointed by the President-Elect.

The responsibilities of the CTTC typically include:

  • The Chair’s attendance at the Chapter Technology Transfer Workshop at the CRC meeting
  • Coordinating dissemination of technical information in the chapter’s geographic area
  • Promoting and administering the chapter’s Technology Awards program and encouraging entries in the regional competition
  • Keeping the chapter informed on technical issues related to heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Providing assistance to the Chapter Publicity Committee in contacting local news media and chapter publications and offering to provide necessary information and material
  • Providing assistance to the Chapter Historian in maintaining a history of the chapter’s technical and energy activities
  • Reporting to the RVC for the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
  • Assisting the RVC for Chapter Technology Transfer to achieve the goals of the Society at the chapter level
  • Planning the speakers and other logistics of monthly chapter meetings for the year, including reviewing speaker presentations for ASHRAE Commercialism Policy infractions.Appendix 2C provides suggestions for organizing the CTTC’s work.